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What We Do

Advocate for Children

Advocating for one child at a time.

We develop and support CASA programs statewide through 4 primary areas of focus:

1. Program Development.  We work with Massachusetts's Judicial Court System to develop and implement new CASA programs in order to serve more of Massachusetts's children.  We also partner with existing programs to help them scale their efforts and expand into new courts.

2. Training.  We deliver state-of-the-art training programs for CASA staff and volunteers, drawing on best practices and innovations  from throughout the national CASA network.

3. Resource Development.  We partner with programs to identify appropriate funding sources and grant opportunities.  

4. Policy and Legislative Advocacy.  We advocate for abused and neglected children at the State level by bringing their needs to the attention of our legislators and policymakers. We support the initiation and enactment of legislation that ensures fair and effective child welfare practices.

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